C Tolle Run – Gabe Grunewald – 3000m Indoor National Champion

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There was quite a bit of drama surrounding Gabe’s dominant victory in the 3000m this past weekend, but now that the dust has settled and the proper rulings have been made, Gabe can finally call herself a National Champion.

Gabe is easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We’ve only met three times, but when we got to her place to interview her, she greeted us with hugs and genuinely seemed interested in how we were doing. I couldn’t be happier for Gabe, and best of luck in Poland! (And if you ever figure out the secret sauce to your ridiculous kick, please let us all know.)

My iPhone Home Screen – December 2013 Edition

Here’s what my home screen looks like as of December 2013:


Besides the standard apps (Messages, Photos, Camera, etc.), here’s a breakdown of the other apps I use:

  • Fantastical: Natural language input makes this app throughly indispensable. Being able to just tap the mic icon and speak my appointment makes me really feel like I’m living in the future.
  • Runmeter: Any run I do outdoors, I log with Runmeter. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s the most accurate and robust running app I’ve ever used. I just recently got a heart rate monitor that pairs with it, so I’m excited to see how that integration will aid my training.
  • Check the Weater: The simplicity of this app combined with its Dark Sky integration make it the only weather app I need to try. Plus, David Smith is an awesome developer (and human being).
  • Google Maps: I’ll occasionally use Apple Maps, and while it’s definitely improving, it’s still bit me too many times to trust on a day-to-day basis.
  • Instapaper: All long-form articles go in here for future reading. If you’re not using a read it later type service, you’re missing out on a much more satisfying reading experience.
  • Untappd: I’ve become much more of a beer enthusiast in the past year, and that’s almost entirely due to this app. Untappd lets you log beers you’ve tried and suggests new ones to try. It has certainly turned beer discovery into a fun game.
  • Scanner Pro: Apple recently made this app free for a week, and for great reason. I switched over to this app to log my business receipts about a year ago, and it’s ability to auto-detect borders and quickly upload to Dropbox have made this app worth every penny I’ve paid for it.
  • Day One: I made it a goal part-way through 2013 to start journaling once a week, and Day One is, bar none, the best journaling app on the App Store. Every Friday, I crank this bad boy open and review my week’s progress. Every entry gets a picture as well, so that has encouraged me to keep photographing the exciting (or mundane) parts of my life.
  • Twitterrific: I haven’t tried Tweetbot, and thanks to this app, I really see no reason to. This app helps me manage my Twitter accounts very easily, and it looks gorgeous to boot. I also really enjoy the cool egg “pull-to-refresh” animation.
  • Reeder: There’s no better way to manage your RSS feeds than Reeder (combined with Feed Wrangler). The only thing I wish it did was allow you to send links to Reminders as a new reminder. But besides that, this is a fantastic example of an iOS 7 app, complete with gestures and the like.
  • Castro: Speaking of amazing apps designed with iOS 7 in mind, Castro is a new podcast app that is crazy beautiful. The app is lacking in a couple of key features, like OPML import support and continuous play (and I also miss the gesture-based 30 second skip that Downcast uses), but it’s pretty certain that those features will be added in time.

New Front Page Design

It was around this same time last year that I updated timbornholdt.com, and I figured I was due for a bit of a redesign as well.

This time, I went a bit more simplistic: just one page with a short biography and links to some choice projects.

I’d love to hear what you think. Holler at me on Twitter.

C Tolle Run – Carrie’s 5 Minute Ab Workout

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Sometimes, the simplest videos are the best. All we needed was Carrie and 6 minutes of tape to make what will ultimately become one of our most-watched episodes.

I love this ab workout as well. Carrie said she typically doubles each workout so it ends up being 1 minute per exercise instead of 30 seconds. I’m proud to say I can keep up with most of the extended version; I actually love doing old-school crunches. It’s Katie’s maintenance routine filled with planks and bridges that kill me.

C Tolle Run – Tollefsons Tackle Twin Cities

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I’m so proud of Carrie for finishing her first marathon. Documenting the entire process was fun in and of itself, but being able to bike the entire course to watch her along the way was really something.

My job on race day was to bike around the course and get Carrie at key points. I ended up biking just under 50 miles that day. I didn’t start to hurt until I crossed into St. Paul on Lake Street, but the real pain kicked in when the rain began to pour in the afternoon. Shannon ended up having to pick me up about 2 miles from home because I was so tired and covered in sand.

C Tolle Run – Fitness Apps for iPhone and Android

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I had the pleasure of switching roles and being in front of the camera this time. I can honestly say that I have, at one point, used all of these apps to become a better athlete, and I actually use two of them (Runmeter and Check The Weather) on a daily basis.

It was also nice to get a little plug in for the Jed Mahonis Group as well.

C Tolle Run – Home Remedies for Aches and Pains

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I think this is C Tolle Run at its best: short, informative videos that present valuable information in a unique way. I love filming and editing these pieces together, and I hope we get the chance to do more of them in the future.

Stay tuned for the abundance of high-quality bloopers at the end.

C Tolle Run – Strength Training for Runners with Kirk DeWindt

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As everyone knows, people’s attention spans these days are quite small. Bearing that in mind, we usually try to keep episodes under 4 minutes. In this case, however, it seemed like the length of the episode didn’t really matter much. Kirk and Carrie have great chemistry in front of the camera, which you can really catch at the end of the outtake we show at the end of the episode.

Plus, the content in this episode is great for anyone training for a marathon, half marathon, or even 5k. Strengthening your hips and core is unbelievably important for staying injury-free.

C Tolle Run – Carrie’s Road to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon – Part 1

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It’s funny how these “day in the life” type episodes shake out; we usually go into it with no idea what we’re gonna do, and come out of it with a polished episode that gives a great look into Carrie’s life.

Even if you’re not interested specifically in Carrie’s progress toward her first ever marathon, you’ll love the back-and-forth banter she has with her husband, Charlie. Seriously funny stuff.

jedmahonisgroup.com Version 2.0

jedmahonisgroup.com version 2.0

We finally launched the new version of the Jed Mahonis Group‘s website. I’ve actually been working on this for a few months now, figuring that we needed something more complex than our last single-page design.

The biggest feature of our new site is a responsive layout. This lets us show an optimized layout for any screen resolution (whether it’s on a 27″ desktop monitor or an iPhone). In addition, we’re now able to better explain our app development philosophy and showcase our apps.

I also really like how the site really lets our personality shine through. Just look at the about page to see what I’m talking about.