Tim Bornholdt

Being Busy vs. Getting Things Done

A lot of the articles and videos I've come across lately are about being productive at work and how to really get work done. I read an article by Michael "Rands" Lopp about setting aside one hour a day to just sit in silence and create something. It meshed up very well with this video by Jason Fried, who hypothesizes that work operates in cycles, much like sleep. In order to achieve "a good night's sleep," you have to go through several stages of sleep. If you're interrupted, you have to start back at the beginning. So it is with work. God knows I'm guilty of spending 12 minutes on a project, only to hop over to Facebook and see that, once again, nothing has changed. I'm going to issue myself a personal challenge. I want to see if, for the next week, I can spend 30 minutes a day with my cell phone turned off, my email client closed, and my social media sites logged out. For 30 minutes, I will do nothing but edit or program. I will ignore all others (sorry Shannon) and fully immerse myself in a given task. I'm sure there's no such thing as a "paleo diet" for working, but I bet this is a good first step in that direction.