Tim Bornholdt

C Tolle Run - Agility for Pregnant Women

Because the host of our show is pregnant, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a series of episodes that would help mothers-to-be to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancies.

Even if you're not a pregnant woman, you will still really enjoy this episode.

Reason 1: this episode features show-favorite Bill Welle of Welle Fast. Carrie and Bill have a fantastic rapport that absolutely shines on film. The episode actually gets more funny as it goes, so be sure to watch through the end.

Reason 2: even though the exercises are modified to account for her condition, anyone can apply the principles preached in this segment to their own routines.

I really like Bill's approach of throwing additional stabilization moves in with "regular" lifts (e.g. Single-Legged Bicep Curls or Stability Ball Bench Press).