Tim Bornholdt

C Tolle Run - Get in Gear 2013

The Get in Gear Races were the first we attempted to cover when we started C Tolle Run. The reason we merely "attempted" to cover it was because the rain was pouring so hard that year, we didn't want to risk ruining our camera.

I missed out on last year's Get in Gear, but I'm really glad they brought us back this year. This was the first warm day we've had in Minnesota since October 2012, and it was awesome to be able to play out in the sun for a while. I think most of the participants we interviewed would agree; the vast majority of people around the finish line had huge smiles on their faces.

I really enjoyed cutting the first part of the episode. It's always nice to try out new techniques. The one regret I had from this episode was not keeping a consistant white balance. If you watch very closely, there are a few clips that look a little "cool" (meaning there is a bluish/purplish tint). Oh well, even after 123 episodes, we're still not perfect.

But, like Carrie said, "C Tolle Run fans don't judge."