Tim Bornholdt

iPhone Camera Breakdown

I like to keep a copy of every photo I've taken with an iPhone synced to my phone, mostly because there have been multiple times when I want to show somebody something I've taken with my camera phone and I've been bit in the butt because it's not on there. I do this by making smart folders that correspond to each phone, so I have folder for iPhone 2G Photos, one for iPhone 3GS photos and one for iPhone 4S photos. After a recent trip to Europe, I glanced at the photo count in each of those folders, and, well, look for yourself:

  • iPhone 2G Pictures: 893
  • iPhone 3GS Pictures: 955
  • iPhone 4GS Pictures: 1,173

For a little fun, why don't we break it down by average photos per day:

  • iPhone 2G: 893 photos / 801 days = 1.11 photos per day
  • iPhone 3GS: 955 photos / 778 days = 1.23 photos per day
  • iPhone 4GS: 1162 photos / 194 days = 5.99 photos per day

To be fair, I've used my camera a lot more in the last few months due to multiple factors that may not have existed while owning my other phones (trips to Jamaica/Europe, social media requirements for my job, etc.) But I consider myself to be a camera nerd and I would not be using this camera for those purposes if I didn't think they took adequate-looking photos (which, let's face it, the definition of adequate is a lot different for me than it is for your average iPhone user).