Tim Bornholdt

The Enemy of my Enemy

We’re not talking about one of those “RIAA sues deaf Buddhist nun in monastery with no electricity for $9.8 million” cases here. And while I don’t doubt that thousands of legitimate users of Megaupload are genuinely shafted by this outcome, if the best restaurant in town turns out to be a mob front, hundreds of innocent diners are going to be denied that terrific Penne Arrabiata. So it goes.

I must admit, my initial reaction to the Megaupload shut down was that of slight outrage and "down with The Man"-itis.

But after taking a deep breath and thinking about it for a minute, it's pretty clear that these guys got what they deserved.

And look at it this way: if the copyright holders can shut down these sites now, then why do they need SOPA/PIPA?