Tim Bornholdt

The Fast, Fabulous, Allegedly Fraudulent Life of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

With insider trading charges pending over LetsBuyIt, Schmitz decided it was time to lay low (by his standards); “in fear for his life,” he fled to Thailand in January of 2002. On his website, he hinted at possible suicide, saying he would be crossing “to a new world,” Hale-Bopp cult style. But instead of offing himself, he declared that he wanted to be known as “King Kimble the First, Ruler of the Kimpire” — a label he would apply to his future projects. (It’s listed as his title on LinkedIn.)

This guy is basically Richie Rich, if he didn't start with his family's money, built his fortune around multiple unethical business strategies and was hard into psychedelics.