Tim Bornholdt

What's In My Pockets: March 2013 Edition

This very well could be the most thrilling post on my site to date. I can't remember exactly which blog I saw this on, but somebody posted the contents of their wallet for posterity not too long ago. I thought, "well, that's kind of a cool idea", so I'm going to share with you my pockets:

The contents of my wallet on March 20, 2013. My pockets contain:

  • A business card holder, containing cards for both my video production services as well as my Jed Mahonis Group company card.
  • A wallet. I used to carry a serious George Costanza wallet, but have since pared it down to the essentials.
  • A key ring. I used to think it was really cool to carry a ton of keys, but I've cut back on a substantial amount of my collection. Right now, I've got my Hawkeye Point keychain and my Summit bottle opener attached. I don't know why I still have my Gopher lanyard connecter still connected... Perhaps that'll be cut by the time I do Part 2 of this thrilling series.
  • An iPhone 4S. This will almost certainly be upgraded to the iPhone 5S or whatever comes out this year.
  • Some $20 Sony Headphones. I treat my pocket headphones with a decent amount of respect, but I seem to churn through these things like hotcakes. Some day, I'll have a solid pair of desk headphones.